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The buzz, the excitement, the adrenalin, the dazzling variety of clients. Life as a Casino Dealer is never dull…and nor is your training when you start your casino journey at MCA. Voted one of the world’s friendliest cities, Manchester is renowned for it’s sport, technology, music and nightlife… where better to learn your craft?

Tony Mannechez

About Tony

Quote: “Our training will get you to places you would never have thought before…”

Facebook: Tony MCA
Skype: Mannechez.tony

About Gabriel

Quote: “ …let our passion meet up with your ambitions for a brighter future.”

Facebook: Gabriel MCA
Skype: Gabriel.mca

Gabriel Geroue
Head Trainer

Tony Haynes
Senior Training Officier

About Tony H

Quote: “..I will do my best to get you what you want”

Facebook: Tony H MCA
Skype: Tonyh.MCA

About Alberto

Quote: “Una oportunidad nica para jovenes y desempleados de dar un cambio a su vida professional en una nueva Carrera dinámica y llena de posibilidades!”

Facebook: Alberto MCA
Skype: Alberto.mca

Alberto Hernández Gomez
Marketing Manager – Spain

Simon Dupuis
Marketing Manager – France

About Simon

Quote: “Je serais ce lien entre votre quotidien et votre envie d’évasion..”

Facebook: Simon MCA
Skype: Simon.mca

About Rossella

Quote: “..stay focused on your training project, I will do the rest..”

Facebook: Rossella MCA
Skype: Rossella.borz

Rossella Borzi

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